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Missional Leadership Quiz


The purpose of this initial self-assessment is to help you discern your level of readiness to become a new worshiping community (NWC) leader. You will be learning about your preliminary readiness in the following dimensions:
  • motivational fit and missional readiness
  • entrepreneurial readiness
  • emotional resilience and grit
  • spiritual readiness
At the end of this assessment, you will receive a score measuring your readiness to become a worshiping community leader. Just keep in mind that these self-assessments are only preliminary, and can never cover or explore the fullness that encompasses each of these dimensions. For that, you would need a full Discerning Missional Leadership assessment. This is simply a pretest to help you decide whether you are a good candidate.

You will have an option to save your progress and finish later, but it only shows up after you complete the first page and hit "next." Then a bar will appear at the top with a "Save and continue later" option. Once you have submitted your completed form, you will be emailed a copy of your responses. 
1. Please provide your contact information so that you may get an emailed copy of your results, which are sent to you automatically at the close of the self-assessment.
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